The end of the school year marks the conclusion of the third successfully completed Rotary program for PR-B High School. To date 16 students have completed one and two years of college/technical certification education. This 2015-16 year, fifteen senior STRIVE students have participated and 14 have earned scholarships of $400 each. Because some students may not be able to begin their post high school studies immediately, an extension is being provided to those students of legibility for utilizing the scholarship earned. Therefore, if a student enrolls in an accredited college/technical school by the fall of 2017 and satisfactorily completes the equivalent of 12 credit hours, enrolls in the spring semester of 2018, the institution will be provided $400 to be applied to the respective student’s tuition.

Students completed an evaluation questionnaire describing their feelings and suggestions about their 21015-16 STRIVE experience. The majority of students response was very positive and with observations and suggestions to further enhance the continued program. If community individuals or parents are interested, we would be pleased to send a summary of the student’s evaluations.

Junior students will hear details of the program, Students Taking a

Renewed Interest in the Value of Education, for the 2016-2017, in an introductory session on May 20th where they will be invited to participate to enhance their long term education.

Rotarians participating in 2015 - 16 PR-B STRIVE:  Dick Teegen Steve Hanson and Evie & Pat Hansen, mentors Chet Bodin, Mike Hagen, Keith Johnson, Marilyn Hobbs.  Speakers  Bob McLean,  Hoot Gibson, Steve Hansen, Dick Teegen,  Evie Teegen,  Brainerd noon Rotary  Dave Johnson, Jody Drummond, Donn Peterson