Oct 12 Fireside Chat question ~ How many Rotarians does it take to light a fireplace?

The fireside chat is a tradition that has endured as a fun, welcoming social activity that provides new members with a history of Rotary and an explanation of the various opportunities for involvement.  This is an informal way to learn about community and international projects and find common interests.   A brief overview of the evening:

Lighting the fireplace was exciting.  The answer to the question is 3 to supervise and read directions, 3 to push buttons and watch the fireplace and 1 (Lynn) to go into the other room to flip the fireplace switch... The fun never ends in Rotary!

1. Rotary Yesterday and Today
  1. History of Rotary 

  2. Rotary Today

  3. Our Club’s Local Projects, contributions to area organizations, international projects


2.  The Four-Way Test: history and application


3.  Rotary Organization and You: How Rotary is organized above the club level, Involvement opportunities


4.  The Rotary Foundation: where the money comes from and where it goes 


8pm:   Questions, Discussion & Visiting