Posted on May 03, 2016
Rotarians Chris Lindholm, Bob McLean and Linda Marrin joined forty 8th graders and 3 teachers from Pequot Lakes Middle School to pick up trash on Wednesday morning May 4.  
The Rotarians, Pequot students and teachers cleaned up 2 miles along Hwy 371 and 3 miles County Road 115 in Jenkins.  Since both sides of the roads have to be cleaned the group picked up trash on 10 miles of highway!  After the 2 hour roadside pickup, all were bused to the Pequot Lakes Park where CL Rotarian Bruce Meade was working alongside Pequot School staff to serve hot dogs to about 100 hungry students.  An interesting happening: A good samaritan  drove past and saw the students picking up the litter along the road.  She went to the store, brought milk, cups, cookies and chips for the group and drove back to give them to us.  She said she is impressed and hopeful when she sees young people involved in working for the community. 
A good time was had by all and a great community service was provided!